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News and site updates:

April 13th 2004.I have deleted the WWWboard and replaced it with a forum in the guest section. I'm also changing fonts, backgrounds and stuff here and there these days.

April 8th 2004.I have solved the problems I had with my site, but in the meantime I was so impatient that I found a new host and bought a domain. I'm currently copying files from my page and Rødingen's page to the new webspace and we will have more about Swarmling. I'm also trying to develop the pages a bit, maybe some kind of new design... I don't know how long it will take till it's finished, but stay tuned...

April 1st 2004.There are pictures of new freaks here! And there is a new comic on the comics page.

March 30th 2004.There is something wrong with my first page and the freak page these days. I have contacted my host and I hope it will be fixed soon. I have made a new page with photos of me here!

March 29th 2004.New page: Comics! I have put in some of my good old comics there, but I haven't translated them... Most of them are "too Norwegian" (puns and people only Norwegians would know) and... hmmm, I'm lazy... do you people know how much work it is to make a homepage? Do you??? Hehehe... well, at least my arm hurts a lot after having done this. Moan, moan... check out the drawings instead!

March 20th 2004.New freaks! Check out the freakinfo page and the photos page! I have also started to re-organize the pages and pictures. This doesn't mean anything for you unless you have bookmarked specific pages within my page - many pages have new addresses.

March 9th 2004. I have finally started to work a bit on the pages about Tactile Gemma and Swarmling and I have added lots of new photos around the whole homepage. There are a couple of new items available in Freak Clothing and all the pages of the shop have been slightly improved. I also have a new freak so stay tuned for an update at the freak page soon!

It's also highly recommended to take a look at the new photos on Rødingens homepage!

Feb 17th 2004. Added new photos of Rødingen and TWO NEW FREAKS here! More photos of these two will come.

Feb 5th 2004. Added some beautiful new photos of Rødingen here.

Jan 4th 2004. Added some photos of me here and added a gallery of paintings here.

Feb 4th 2004. I have quit Atrox. More about it here. Swarmling is now my main band.

Jan 4th 2004. Added some photos of me here and added a gallery of paintings here.

Dec 29th 2003. Added a new page to write about my views on music in general. I haven't started to write yet, but you'll find a link to my new mp3 page at - check it out!

Dec 20th 2003. Gathered all the insect photos and put them in one insect page with thumbs and popup windows.

Dec 18th 2003. Changed this freak page from big photos to thumbs and popup windows. I will probably do that on more pages.

Dec 17th 2003. Filed a missing røding report. Added photos of new rødings and a new freak, Grønningen here.

Dec 10th 2003. I have dropped the frames and have used tables on this page instead. Praktisch! I'll use it on more pages...

Dec 3rd 2003. Added three pages of insects in the photo section.

Dec 2nd 2003. Added a new page, "Sculptures" with a photo of my 1st sculpture. Added another freak page with, among others, photos of two new "rødings". On the "Freaks 5" page there's a new clothing item and on "Animals" pages in the photo section there are new photos.

Dec 1st 2003. Added a new page to write about Swarmling.

I have also learned frames so I have been able to change the layout of this page. I hope to change some more pages as soon as I have figured some smart tricks.

And a new røding has come to me!

Nov 29th 2003. I have added a new page of animal photos and a new page in the freak clothing catalogue. I have also started to work with clay and I made my first freak of clay today! I must admit I think it's very well done... Photos will be added soon. Dino has also gotten a new piece of clothing and I'll present two new "Rødings" soon.

Nov 27th 2003. OK, working on the page every day was a bit too ambitious, but more often than before at least. I'm adding photos on the photo page now!

Nov 23rd 2003. I must admit that I'm pretty slow about constructing this site, but now I'm making it official so I will have to do more. Today I have added some new freak photos. I will try do some small things every day from now on. Good luck to me...hehehe

Welcome to my homepage. My name is (as you have probably understood) Monika Edvardsen. '& Co.' refers to the freaks and people I work with. The purpose of this page is to present my work; music, paintings, drawings, photos, freaks, sculptures, comics or whatever I will choose to do.

Missing Røding!!!

This little røding fell out of the window at home in Olav Tryggvasons gate down into Geitveita during the afternoon Dec 10th 2003. Someone must have taken her away. We miss her and hope she is fine wherever she is, but if you have brought her with you and don't really feel like you can take care of her, please consider bringing her back to her home.

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Rødingens hjemmeside

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