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News flash, July 1st, 2005:

The swarmling page is back at swarmling.net! It's under construction, but hopefully it will be complete soon.

Important message:

The domain swarmling.com is lost due to some problems with the registrar. They have apparently sold it to some other company even if I have done everything I was supposed to do with payments and other things. It also took a long time before I got to know how it all was so I haven't seen it neccessary to update this page - I thought all the time it would be fixed in the next couple of days. Anyway, I have changed the link from the picture below so if you click it now you'll find the good old page of mine. Some of the pictures are missing now as they were located at swarmling.com but I will fix everything in time. I have sorted out the problems with the swarmling page and it will come back, probably as swarmling.net. It means that I will have to change every single link on the Swarmling and Rødingen pages and I don't know how long it will take me - it will be extremely boring so I'll do it little by little, I guess. Anyway, this page is at least up now, so enjoy!


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